“When A Christian Dies, What Happens Next?”

Welcome to our new Sermon series!

This series follows “death” from Genesis to Revelation, recounting its beginning, its sting, its reign, and its multiple losses until its final defeat through the work of Christ on the cross. One day, the last enemy, which is death, will be destroyed and its sting neutralized removed forever!

Today’s Message:
“When A Christian Dies, What Happens Next?”
1 Corinthians 15:12-58

Rev. Patrick San
Manila Chinese Baptist Church

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  1. Deborah Carnaje Diamante says:

    watching too with you.

  2. Ethelrida Nenette Diamante-Kechejian says:

    Singing with you Laurie pie

  3. Ann Cayton says:

    Good morning everyone Happy worshipping with you.

  4. Ethelrida Nenette Diamante-Kechejian says:

    God s blessings to MCBC

  5. Kismet L. Kechejian says:

    Prayers and love from Washington State, USA. Asking God to bless, to encourage and sustain you.

  6. Alan Fernando says:

    Blessed Sunday Family

  7. Anita Luchavez Arro says:

    Blessed happy sunday

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