Reasons for Worshipping the LORD

Reasons for Worshipping the LORD
Psalm 136

Pastor Nathan Yu
Manila Chinese Baptist Church

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  1. Enzhi Lyu says:

    Happy Father’s Day.

  2. Laura Diamante San says:

    Happy fathers day! We thank the Lord for you Tatay, Daddy, Papa, Pop, Dada, Dad!

  3. Ethelrida Nenette Diamante-Kechejian says:

    Praise the Lord .My creator and comforter

  4. Marie Antoinette Christine Ong says:

    Happy father’s day to my gwapo papa Antonio A. Ong

  5. Joycelyn Ang says:

    Happy Father’s Day to all fathers!

  6. Ann Cayton says:

    Happy Father’s Day to our FATHER in HEAVEN…to our spiritual farhers Yu Boksu, San Boksu, Ptr. Nathan…to my DADI JOE CAYTON…my uncles, cousins, friends and all farhers of MCBC…Long live!

  7. Ann Cayton says:

    Worshipping with you

  8. Sammzz Yu says:

    Happy Father’s day

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