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  1. Ann Cayton says:

    Jan is watching with you

  2. Lydia Chua says:

    We are watching and praying with you

  3. Ricardo Hao says:

    Text from Char:
    I feel really good no more throat issues. I’m gonna take a nap this afternoon. Varsita’s niece

  4. Colleen Cham Ang says:

    Thanking God for His daily protection. May He continue to do so.

  5. Joycelyn Ang says:


  6. Enzhi Lyu says:

    Ok PTL

  7. Ann Cayton says:

    Glory to God. He gives us joy.

  8. Rommel Flores says:

    Godbless MCBC family.

  9. John Alfonso Tabin says:

    Christ is Risen and He is Risen indeed!

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