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  1. Ricardo Hao says:

    Audio only no video

  2. Lydia Chua says:


  3. Nunez Land says:

    Watching from Edmonton 1am

  4. Naghman Javed says:


  5. Sammzz Yu says:

    Hello Allan and Colleen

  6. Sammzz Yu says:

    Lewis Chung Kremp Ng Good Friday service mcbc

  7. Sammzz Yu says:

    Val Go Rudz Yu Christine Cosing Candy Cosing

  8. Sammzz Yu says:

    Alex Yang

  9. Sammzz Yu says:

    Clarissa Mae Tan

  10. Sammzz Yu says:

    Sai Apl

  11. Sammzz Yu says:

    Daniella Mae Tan Elyshia Mae Tan

  12. Ann Cayton says:

    Tetelestai..”It is finished.”- Jesus

  13. Jennifer Lim Ng says:

    Hi Ann Cayton

  14. Peter Chua says:


  15. Sammzz Yu says:

    Wow Ganda Ng performance Ng sisters!

  16. Ann Cayton says:

    To sha, San Boksu, Doc Laurie and Pasto Nathan for your preparaton for the Good Friday worship service today.
    So blessed with the message and songs. I heard one of my fave Chinese songs sang by Sam and Shauna..好听啊。

  17. Fe Dumuk says:

    Amen. Thank you, Lord.

  18. Gloria Ng Yap says:

    Amen! Hallelujah!

  19. Ricardo Hao says:

    Video ok na

  20. Ethel Nenette Kechejian says:

    Loud and clear. Watching and praying.

  21. Ethel Nenette Kechejian says:

    Blessed Fri from Seattle Washington

  22. William Lim William Lim says:

    Hallelujah praise the Lord. Amen

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