How to be the Church in a COVID-19 world

“How to be the Church in a COVID-19 world” ~ Romans 8:14-39
Rev. Patrick San, Manila Chinese Baptist Church

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  1. Sammzz Yu says:

    English ba toh?

  2. Laura Diamante San says:

    Yes Sammzz Yu

  3. Lydia Chua says:

    We are,with you worshipping our God.God bless Mcbc.

  4. Carloest Erillo says:

    No sounds

  5. Elizabeth How says:

    no sound

  6. Lydia Chua says:

    Praying silently sister.

  7. Peter Chua says:

    No sound din sa akin

  8. Deborah Carnaje Diamante says:

    Worshipping with you.

  9. Jane Nepomuceno Onggao says:

    Watching & worshiping with you.

  10. Alan Fernando says:

    Praise God. We will surpass this challenges in our lives.

  11. Yukma Suzuki says:


  12. Ethel Nenette Kechejian says:

    More power and blessings to Manila Chinese Bapt. Wonderful promising message Pastor Patrick.

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